Koh Samui – A popular tourist destination

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Today Koh Samui is in what is in the lights on destination for tourist around the world with white and soft sandy beaches trimmed with lines of coconut trees this big island in the eastern coast of the god of the Gulf of Thailand has inspired Torres to come back Times often times it provides an ideal site to watch the sunrise seen from the horizon and sitting down to the middle of the ocean this is the place where visitors will leave the world behind and indulge in swimming in the blue ocean or playing some kinds of water sports or or sitting behind the wheel in the Safari style adventure in mountaintop which offers and most fear similar to that of the Northen hilly terrain. Samui offers a wide variety of tasty food ranging from traditional to seafood and healthy dishes served with a fine wine in the luxuries and classic atmosphere. Five star hotels a growing number so are accommodations of other Graded including native Bungalows. When is Samui try unforgettable relaxing experiences by pampering yourself with Metro’s boss or troubling to see ways of life of people in different occupations or shopping on walking the streets or visiting is watching stunning shows animals. Samui is indeed a Heaven sought after by tourists around the world.

However samui is not the only charming Taurus attraction in this region only 30 minutes away my speed boat stands another big island named Pha-ngan.

Pha-ngan may have been known to most people because of its world famous full moon party.

Few people know Pha-ngan  has several wonderful beaches, possesses Khao Ra Peak on the highest mountain in the Gulf of Thailand, plenty of flora fantastic viewpoints and community life waiting to be visited. More importantly, Pha-ngan has original lush nature waiting for everybody to fully enjoy.

The Ang thong national Park forms one of the most beautiful Archipelagoes of Thailand. It is rich in plants and wild animals both on land and deep down under The sea. Koh Tao and Koh Nang yuan North of the archipelago are recognized diving spots and process beautiful nature second to nowhere. 360 all-around is providing a new dimension of tourist attractions on simile and surrounding areas in terms of both majestic nature and interesting ways of life of people. 360 all-around will bring you to appreciate the value of new places new perspective new stores and new experiences that will be with you forever.